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You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger

November 18, 2010

  So, I saw Woody Allen’s latest film a few weeks ago and put off writing about it for no other reason than I’m a professional procrastinator.  I had been excited about this film for quite a while, as constant readers no doubt know that I am a huge Woody Allen fan.  What excited me […]

More reviews!! Green edition

July 11, 2010

GREEN ZONE (2010)  Paul Greengrass reteams with Matt Damon for a non Jason Bourne (sort of) film.  The setting is sometime during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Matt Damon is Chief warrant officer Roy Miller on a quest to prove that his bosses are faking intel on weapons of mass destruction.  There aren’t a whole lot of […]

Movies I’ve Watched Over the Last 2 Weeks and Feel Like Mentioning

March 10, 2010

House of the Devil (2009) Amazing throwback to both 80’s horror films and (the apparently) 80’s notion that a satanic cult was secretly using you in its rituals.  Cool cameo by Dee Wallace in the very beginning.  Too bad they couldn’t get her to stay in the movie for more than 3 minutes, but from […]

Whatever Works

July 11, 2009

Is it a testament to a film maker when his films are no longer judged by their merits, but by merits of the actual film maker?  I suppose the answer is yes and no…  when you’ve made 40+ films, your audience tends to be able to predict certain details of your next one.  So, it […]