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Recent Amazing Trailers *with critique

It is quite often the case that trailers are better than their movies.  Maybe this is because a trailer is only two or three minutes long, while a bad movie can waste several hours of one’s life.    Some of the movies I have here haven’t come out yet, so the above statement may be the case when the films eventually come out, who knows?

To be honest, the concept of a film about Face Book seems a little trite to me, but when I heard it was being directed by David Fincher (Se7en, Fight Club), I have to admit that my interest was piqued.  This trailer is just all around amazing.  Beginning with the strange cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” sung by what sounds like a elementary school choir behind a montage of Facebook actions and pictures.  It’s amazing how well the lyrics to “Creep” sync so well with many of the psychological themes of Facebook.  “I want a perfect body/I want a perfect soul./I want you to notice/when I’m not around…”   This leads us into actual footage of the film, shot beautifully by Jeff Cronenweth, Cinematographer on Fight Club.  The constant movement of the scenes they put together flows quite well and all the images seem to suggest a film about greed, class warfare, lawsuits and sex.   Not exactly the kind of content you would expect from a Facebook Movie.  This is the perfect trailer to get people into the theaters, especially people like me, who laughed at the idea of a film about something so current and so everyday.

Really one of the best unseen films of 2009.   The Coen Brothers’ A Serious Man is a film of ambiguity and subtlety.   The trailer is great because you get the gist of the story while divulging practically nothing about what the movie is about.  It’s collage of scenes, looped endlessly, intruding and even commingling with each other does better than just explain what a plot is about, it gives you a feeling of the monotony and repetitiveness which is the architecture of protagonist Larry Gopniks life.

Who knew that when Grindhouse debuted its fake trailers that the Machete would turn out to be an actual preview for a feature film?  The new trailer seems to be a mash up of footage shot for the fake trailer plus new footage featuring a cast as impressive as the cast for The Expendables.  We have Cheech Marin, Steven Seagal, Don Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Robert Deniro, and Lindsay Lohan.  My favorite part has to be when Jessica Alba screams: “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us!”  The trailer maintains that old Grindhouse feel created for the original fake trailers with scratchy looking film, closeups giving way to still shots that look like posters and extreme zooms.  It looks like a good campy time at the theater.

Todd Solondz has to be one of the most polarizing American directors working today.  His films are like a bastard child of John Waters and Woody Allen, blending the appalling with the poetic.  His new film, Life During Wartime seems to be no exception.  As a semi-sequel for his ’98 masterpiece Happiness he recasts every character and changes locations from New Jersey to Florida.  Bill Maplewood (Cirian Hinds) seems to be seeking some kind of redemption after the events of Happiness which lead him on an odyssey of sorts and back into the lives of his old family, including his two sisters in law.  It overjoys me to see Paul Ruebens in a film, looking more Pee-Wee ish than usual.  Charlotte Rampling makes an appearance in the trailer with a signature Solondz ironic line :  “I’m good at reading people… I see a man, he’s lonely and he’s straight, and that’s good enough for me.”  Oh, what surprises the characters have in store for each other.


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