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Movies I’ve Watched Over the Last 2 Weeks and Feel Like Mentioning

Awesome Retro Poster

House of the Devil (2009) Amazing throwback to both 80’s horror films and (the apparently) 80’s notion that a satanic cult was secretly using you in its rituals.  Cool cameo by Dee Wallace in the very beginning.  Too bad they couldn’t get her to stay in the movie for more than 3 minutes, but from my personal experience with Dee Wallace (which is brief, mind you) she asks 30 bucks for an autograph… So who knows how much she wants for a full 10 minutes of screen time.  Tom Noonan plays the creepy owner of a house who gets a poor college girl to babysit his mother in law while he goes out to watch a lunar eclipse.  Best Satanic film since Drag Me To Hell!  Nice uses of the walkman, Volvo 240DLs, Demonic Pizza delivery men, Demonic pregnancies, Demonic Mother-in-laws, Impalements by Demonic ritual tools… 3 out of 4 stars.

Precious(2009) So… for some reason I had it in my head that I wasn’t this movies target audience and that I really wouldn’t enjoy it.  But Wow, I was wrong.  It’s so good… and if you squint during her scenes, you can ignore the fact that Mariah Carey appears in it.  Gabourey Sidibi is pretty amazing as the titular character who leads the most miserable life I’ve ever seen on film, except for maybe Requiem For A Dream – which this film reminds me a lot of.  The real scene stealer in the movie is Mo’nique as the most evil mother of all time.  In a scene towards the end (which I watched 5 times) she describes in detail the numerous abuses she allowed and inflicted on her daughter.  The brilliance of Mo’niques performance is that, for a second, we feel actual empathy for her, almost like she’s had to endure as much abuse as Precious… But then her crazy kicks in and she starts qualifying her actions.  She’s such a hard character to figure out.  Nice uses of: No make up on Mariah Carey, glamorous fantasy sequences during lewd acts, creative namings of semi-retarded children (“Mongo”), assaults with frying pans, color tv jujitsu, forced eatings of pigs feet… 4 out of 4 stars.  BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR

Dune (1984) I suggest that if you ever happen upon David Lynch, in addition to asking him about the weather, you should also ask him about this movie.  See, he hates this movie and refuses to discuss it (sort of like Faye Dunaway and Mommie Dearest, which you should go out and buy immediately) so I’ve always wondered how he’d act if somebody casually brought it in conversation.  The movie isn’t too too bad… though it is too too long… it’s really just about as weird and makes as much sense as any other David Lynch movie.  The trouble is it isn’t ‘David Lynch’s’ kind of weird, if you know what I mean.  I won’t bother going much into the plot… from what I could tell it was about a planet that makes stuff called “spice” which everybody wants, especially an obese man who hovers around and cackles a lot…. Believe me, that is NOT an example of David Lynch’s kind of weird.  I read a neat story about Alejandro Jodorowsky trying to make the movie before Lynch using Gloria Swanson, Orson Welles, and Salvador Dali as the emperor plus a Pink Floyd soundtrack! Wouldn’t that have been crazy…   Nice uses of Sting (saying little and wearing even less), Patrick Stewart, Linda Hunt, Sandworm Rodeos, Mutant space ship pilots, Floating Overweight villains, flying needle attacks, Bombastic TOTO soundtrack… 1 out of 4 stars

Amazing Australian poster

Amazing Australian poster

AntiChrist (2009) Just when I thought that I had learned everything about deviance from John Waters movies, Lars Von Trier goes and makes this movie..  He and She (Willem Defoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg) go out in the country to this place called Eden to work on their marriage and her severe  depression.  There, a litany of horrible things start happening.. people move in slow motion, trees grow human arms, foxes start pontificating about how “Chaos Reigns”, and most importantly Charlotte Gainsbourg goes crazy and does some really grimace inducing stuff to Willem Defoe’s junk.  For optimum effect, I recommend watching this film only with elderly conservative family members and on first dates.  Nice uses of Bergman-esque imagery, semi-aborted deer fetii, indestructible ravens, aforementioned fox hissing “chaos reigns”, creative implementation of utility scissors, creative implementation of stone grinder,  inappropriate prosthetic appendages… 3 out of 5 stars

Day For Night (1973) Truffaut’s love letter to film making is a really beautiful film.  Let’s start with Truffaut himself, who plays, ironically enough, a film director.  His role in the film is basically such that he walks around the film set giving us a connection for all the characters.  He privately worries that the film will be a piece of trash while having to confidently deal with all the problems going on with his cast and crew.  He hires an aging actress who may have a mental breakdown at any minute, who has write her lines down on paper and hang them out of frame.  There’s a crew members wife who curiously hangs around and spies on her husband to make sure he doesn’t run off with a starlet.  His leading actor falls head over heels in love with almost every woman he meets, acting so irrationally that he ruins the lives of everyone he gets involved with.  The cat they get for a close up won’t stay still.  On and on are the difficulties facing Truffaut, but he gets though it and is somehow able to please his producers, actors and publicists.  Nice uses of Jacqueline Bisset, Irate jaded actresses, Irate lovelorn actors, Secret airport liaisons, confused extras, romantic moments in French, Creative hotel room destruction…. 5 out of 5

CHAOS REIGNS!! isn't this creepy?


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