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“Hung”… So What?


HBO’s new show this year is probably the worst in its recent history.  Hung‘s premise is ludicrous:  A school teacher (Thomas Jane) who falls on hard times (and presumably has a large member) resorts to prostitution in order to make money.  Aside from the silly premise, this show has several other things going against it… list them, you plead?  Sure.  For one thing, this show has absolutely no edge.  I mean, it’s not original at all seeing as the plot borrows (not so subtely) from Boogie Nights and Weeds.  What is it about this show that’s supposed to hook us?  There have been five episodes so far and I can’t remember any of the characters names…. I’ve seen one episode of True Blood and I can name at least five characters from that lame adult answer to Twilight.  There is very little character developement, which is fine since I doubt Thomas Jane is a capable enough actor to rise above the “tough guy stuck in a bad situation” character he always gets stuck with (see Deep Blue Sea, Punisher, Dreamcatcher, The Mist, etc…).  The only character it seems worth developing is his pimp, played by Jane Adams – the shows one saving grace, but they’ve had plenty of time to do that yet it doesn’t’ seem to be worth the writers time.  The issue of character developement is probably Hungs biggest problem as it comes on right before Entourage, where they somehow fit in four – sometimes five storylines easily into a half hour.  Hung should at least be able to weave one storyline effectively, yet it seems content with sending Thomas Jane (and us, unfortunately) on one meaningless trick after the other.  Each episode I watch I ask myself what the point of it all was and I just can’t come up with an answer.  Which brings me to my final greavance… OK, the name is HUNG, it’s about a guy with a large member… Is it just me or is there a promise somewhere in the title?  I suspect the reason they haven’t shown the titular appendage is that they (the writers) consider it too gimicky, which it is… but that’s what they chose to name it, right?  The show is head scratchingly boring and it’s not that I, or anyone else for that matter, is foaming at the mouth to see Thomas Janes large prosthetic penis, but I get the feeling that the writers are trying to pull a Jaws type situation where the monster isn’t revealed until the last act.  I just don’t get this shows appeal and I suspect that nobody else does either so I won’t worry too much about it’s prospect of being on this time next year…. whew!


2 Responses to ““Hung”… So What?”

  1. […] know, I didn’t have anything else to say until I read a couple of other reviews. One finds the show eminently forgettable while the other comments on the fact that it’s hard to find much to say about it. So, I felt […]

  2. I think HUNG sucks!!! How could it have been renewed?
    Other than people leaving the channel on while making drinks, snacks, going to the bathroom..etc. after True Blood waiting for Entourage!!

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